coming soon!!

we will be opening our very own brick and mortar shop named "HOLLYWOOD BABYLON" in portland's hollywood district in early december! our store will be a mix of high and low vintage and modern resale with a few indie designers and artisans too... we love the old-timey feel of the hollywood neighborhood and are excited to set up shop there. the address is: 4512 ne sandy boulevard next to hollywood shoe repair (just past whole foods on the right if heading east) the space has an interesting history in that it was a bridal shop for years, before that it was a wedding chapel, and prior to that a beauty salon...renovations are currently under way and with the help of all our friends it should be looking good in no time! check back for more of what's to come! have a rad day everyone!!! ciao for now...
November 23, 2010 by 18547821

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